Alliance game

The alliance game consists of the following steps: (1) game instruction (2) forming teams based on personal preferences (3) speed ​​dates with potential partners (4) integrated partner analysis per team (5) team choose a partner (6) pitching of teams to partners (7) conclusions and lessons learned.

It has the following learning aims:

  1. Understand the impact of alliances. Examine the role alliances play in international business and society and the challenges they face. Learn to understand the process of business partner search in which task and relationship related issues are intertwined and should be compatible between partners. Learn to understand and improve your role in the alliance team.
  2. Develop sustainable alliance skills. Become aware of organizational and relationship dynamics in different networks. Build alliance teams with a collective mission. Compare and contrast yourself with a variety of entrepreneurs. How do you understand and manage the hidden dynamics affecting your alliance team’s behavior?
  3. Learn new tools. Apply new alliance tools in order to start and maintain fruitful network cooperation for sustainable and social impact. Practice strategic, operational, cultural, personal and network compatibility between business partners. What does it take to use and build networks effectively?  You will acquire new alliance skills, to be put to use immediately upon your return.

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