Negotiation Festival

Improve your negotiation skills.

Examine the role negotiations play in international business and society. Learn to understand the dynamics of negotiations in which task and relationship related issues are intertwined in distributive (“zero sum”) and integrative (“win-win”) contexts.

The challenge

You negotiate within international teams to find new business partners, to buy or sell products and to start sustainable collaborations. You will play several serious negotiation games and learn from experiences at a companies to negotiate. We will be trained to develop and reflect upon your negotiation strategies and behaviors.  You will receive a personality report as basis for a Personal Development Plan.

The goal

Improve your effectiveness as international negotiator.

Who participate?

Students from academic and applied universities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden.

Why participate?

To find out if you’re a great negotiator. This unique opportunity will bring you new insights on your strengths and weaknesses in a negotiation and build your negotiation skills while working with international students and learning from the best trainers and industry specialists.

What are you going to do?

Virtually or at the Twente University campus, you discuss several negotiation topics with various students and businesses.  In two days (November 6 and 7), you negotiate (“learning by doing”) in different settings. You give and receive direct feedback. In serious games, you will face all of the key facets of negotiations. In interactive workshops, well-known negotiators disclose their do’s and don’ts. You participate in negotiation research and will enjoy some funny events. Increase your skills and learn to collaborate more effectively with others.  All activities will be executed either on/near campus or virtual.


More info:

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You can download the program here