Sustainable Incubator

This new type of sustainability-oriented innovation incubator has been jointly initiated and developed by BÜFA, the Start-up and Innovation Center (GIZ) of the University of Oldenburg and the Barthels Stiftung and started its work in Nov. 2019. The innovative aspects are: (1) The explicit sustainability-orientation of the incubator; (2) The fact that a medium-sized company from a traditional industry (chemical industry) took the initiative as part of their sustainable business strategy and provides a unique location to realize the concept; (3) The collaboration between a company, a university and a foundation jointly create an incubator.

Sustainable Innovation Incubator: „ZUKUNFT.unternehmen“

The incubator ZUKUNFT.unternehmen is the result of a joint vision of ZUKUNFT.unternehmen gemeinnützige GmbH (affiliated institute of Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg), the BÜFA Group and the Barthel Foundation. The incubator undertakes future and it creates a new place in Oldenburg, Germany, for digital and sustainable innovation projects. The company BÜFA has made an industrial hall available for this purpose.

An ecosystem for the development and implementation of new ideas is being created on 2778 square meters of space. Successively, an innovation village consisting of 30 converted sea containers is being created on several floors. These offer space for flexible workplaces as well as for creative collaboration and collaborative exchange. Ideal for the ScaleUp4Sustainability project and the development of innovative forms of collaboration between students and companies in the development of sustainable business ideas and business models.

The incubator was introduced in November 2019 and has started its operation in 2020. The concept for this green co-creation hub addresses the target groups and potential beneficiaries of students, teaching staff, company staff and, start-ups.

The first user of this Green Co-Creation hub was the ScaleUp4Sustainability (S4S) project. S4S held a Green Business Idea Jam at the Incubator premises on October 8, 2020. Moderated and led by the team of the Chair of Innovation Management and Sustainability at the University of Oldenburg, four student teams, the management of the company BÜFA and a team of innovation and sustainability managers participated.

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