Environmentally Driven Business Development

The course aim is to develop capabilities to formulate and plan a business solution for an environmental problem. After completion, students are able to: (1) Explain and reflect upon relevant theories and concepts in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship; (2) Account for drivers and hinders for environmentally driven business development; (3) Account for critical factors for the establishment of an entrepreneurial venture and have some ability to collect and analyze relevant information for that purpose; (4) Combine knowledge about environment and environmental technology with innovation and entrepreneurship; (5) In a group design, describe and motivate a tentative business solution to an environmental problem.

Theories and practical examples are presented at lectures. Seminars are arranged for further supporting the learning. In a group assignment a sustainable business idea is planned and described.


Tekniska verken

In this educational module,  a business partner (Tekniska verken) is involved throughout the module. Tekniska verken is interested in testing how students could develop new solutions based on their existing patents and identified challenges. At an idea generation seminar they provided seven challenges and five patents which the student could use for inspiration, and they also gave a lecture on how they work with innovation. When students worked for some weeks with their ideas, Tekniska verken took part at a Value Creation Forum and gave feedback. Feedback was also given to some groups throughout the module if the idea was close to Tekniska verken activities. Finally, they provided exhibition space and hosted the final exhibition to discuss and give feedback on the results from the student projects. As of now, Tekniska Verken is working internally investigating if some of the student ideas can be further developed. 

More information: prof.dr. Olof Hjelm (olof.hjelm@liu.se)