At the 2021 ISPIM Innovation Conference (Berlin), ca. 550 innovation professionals discussed  hot-topics of innovation management.   On 22 June, ScaleUp4Sustainability organized two interactive workshops on co-creation. These were part of the ‘Insights & methods for industry” track of the ISPIM conference.

In our first workshop  we discussed our experiences, success factors & lessons learned. The business and studentadded value were evaluated.  We discussed in break-out sessions these experiences.

In the second workshop, we focused on new horizons of student/business challenge-formats for sustainable impact. We introduced activities concerning good practices of co- designing international virtual challenge formats. We  explained new initiatives concerning Infrastructure, intermediation and measuring impact.  Lastly, we introduced avenues for future challenge programs are considered, both full-term programs and short-term special topics workshops. In break-out rooms, we discussed these new co-creation formats and concluded in a plenary wrap-up.

You can find the hand-out of the introductions here.

In break-out rooms, the contributors discussed with professors, researchers, consultants and managers from Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK and Australia.